Born into a creative and eclectic family in Philadelphia, PA. Kristin's journey began by seeing the world with the simple perspective that everything has life and can flourish as art. Not having many typical "material" possessions as a child, Kristin's imagination was ignited by creating doll clothes from odd socks and architectural houses from discarded shoe boxes and wallpaper scraps.

The skills obtained as a child would later help develop Kristin as the eccentric photographer/ director she is today, capturing images and conceiving concepts that spark emotion and force the viewer to expand their perception.


Kristin's Imagination is fueled by thinking outside the box. She is open-minded and thrives in a collaborative environment where clients are treated like "family".

Kristin Kirgan is a passionate, fearless and energetic foreign species that finds inspiration in all walks of life.


She currently resides in Los Angeles with her rescue dog, Calypso, and finds liberation riding her motorcycle as often as possible.